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Dove Hunting Rules & Lease Agreement

NO harvesting of small game or Game Birds (Quail) during the DOVE SEASON

I, hereby acknowledge that I, (Hunter) have entered into a Day lease agreement between Bomarton Bird Ranch, hereinafter Called the lessor. ALL hunters must have paid for their consideration for their Day Hunt before being allowed to hunt on mentioned property:

Below are, (but not limited) the terms and conditions of the 2022/2023 Dove Hunting Lease Agreement.

Guests must use ONLY the designated entrance into the Dove Lease, anyone caught using another entrance including
driving into the surrounding fields will be asked to leave.

  • All hunters must abide by all TPWD regulations and laws, to include Texas Hunter Safety Rules. Hunters and guests must act in a safe and responsible manner while on the leased premises. NO DOUBLE DIPPING of your limit of Doves.
  • ALL hunters must agree to allow the Lease Manager or Property Owner to inspect their vehicle or game bag while hunting on said property for suspected game violations.
  • Refusal to allow inspection, will be grounds to be ordered off the property with NO Refunds.
  • Under no circumstances, shall hunters drive on any fields on the lease.
  • There will be no consumption of alcoholic beverages on the lease while hunting.
  • Any visitor or non-hunter observed with a shotgun while on the lease will be considered hunting and will have to pay the day fee.
  • Cleaning of Doves will be conducted in the area where you hunted at.
  • Hunters will make every attempt to pick up ALL spent shotgun shells, shotgun boxes and ALL trash deposited on the property and taken with you. NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Hunter’s will NOT, under any circumstances shoot towards another hunter, vehicle, building or public road.
  • No hunting allowed outside of the designated lease space

If hunters or visitors fail to abide by these rules, but not limited to, their leasing rights may be terminated. This lease agreement
becomes effective the date of the above Agreement and the signing and return to lessor of the Release of Liability and Acknowledgment of Risks and Hazards of Hunting Lease, and monies received. This lease will terminate at the end of the season.


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